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Are you an allergist or a clinician who is interested in offering or improving OIT in your practice but not sure on how or where to start? It is one thing to have a product or protocol available, it is another to actually safely and efficiently implement OIT into clinical practice.  With more than 11 years combined experience and thousands of food allergic patients evaluated, Drs. Douglas H. Jones and Atul N. Shah know what you are going through and fully understand your pain. They founded Global Food Therapy ™ (GFT) to help you. Both are board certified allergists in private practice and experienced in food allergy evaluation and management. 

They believe that every food allergic patient deserves food immunotherapy. Just avoidance is not the only answer. They invite you to enter the world of food immunotherapy, especially oral immunotherapy (OIT).

Food Immunotherapy - A to Z - ...By Allergists, For Allergists…

  Join the Course  

Are you interested in providing better care to your food allergic patients? There is a lot more you can do than just recommending food avoidance and emergency medications. Join the ranks of other allergists who are providing food immunotherapy.

  Watch the Videos  

We have conducted a live seminar boot camp for board certified allergists that covers food immunotherapy from A to Z.  We discuss the science of food allergy and OIT and practical implications of implementing OIT in clinical practice including in depth discussions on patient selection, protocols, office flow and logistics, billing, marketing and much more.

  Help Your Patients  

Get started with implementation of OIT in your practice and help your patients unlock their potentials.  We provide all the protocols and forms necessary to get started immediately.  Position yourself and your practice now as the food allergy experts in your community.

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  Your Success is Our Success  

We believe that success of our training programs is measured only through successful implementation of food immunotherapy in your practice. We have produced results in our practices and in the practices of many other allergists whom we have trained. Allow us to do the same for you and your practices.

  Easy to Use - On Your Schedule  

Our online training program is easy to use and can be completed at your convenience. Click here to Begin Today. Exclusive online access to a food immunotherapy expert group for ongoing interactions.

  Invest in Yourself  

Food allergic patients need your expertise. Allow us to help you get there.

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